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Q: What is a charter school?

A: A charter school is an independently run public school that is granted greater flexibility in its operations in return for greater accountability for performance. Charter schools were established to give parents academic choices for their children and provide a learning environment to improve student achievement.

Q: Does Futuro Academy charge tuition?

A: No. Futuro Academy, as a public charter school, is tuition-free. There are also no fees to apply. We believe thathigh-quality education is a right that every child deserves.

Q: Who is eligible to enroll at Futuro Academy?

A: Enrollment is currently open to students who will be entering Kindergarten - Second Grade for the 2018-2019 school year. Children are eligible for Kindergarten if they are five years of age by September 30 of the current year. Spaces are limited. Students currently attending or zoned to attend Cambeiro Elementary School are guaranteed admission.

Q: Do students have to wear uniforms?

A: Yes. Futuro Academy is currently able to provide three free uniform t-shirts upon enrolling at the start of school. Students will black or khaki bottoms of their choice with no visible logos, and close-toed shoes of their choice with school appropriate imagery or content.